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In the past 2 years, we have massively rediscovered our interior: by staying at home a lot, our house became even more important. We no longer want the latest trends in the house: your home is again a place where you want to feel at home, where you can recharge and where you get inspired. This results in various natural tones such as natural green, soft blue and night blue. The midnight blue colour "Very Peri" from Pantone clearly fits in this list of trend colours at home.
Halloween pumpkins
Natural dried flowers are due to their muted colors, perfect to combine with bleached, dyed dried flowers and grasses. In this arrangement, bright orange-dyed products are combined with bleached and black-dyed products.
Most Popular Flower Combinations
We regularly get the request to create a personalized design for a backdrop. To give you an idea of what your backdrop can look like, below you will find an overview of the most sold combinations. All backdrop combinations include a shopping list.
Flower wall, Artificial flowers, Backdrop
Ombre flowerwall
A backdrop is a popular item during weddings. Backdrops are often placed behind the bridal couple during the ceremony, or used as a background in the photo booth and are particulair popular during (color) themed weddings. Our flower panels are very suitable for making backdrops. Thanks to our extensive range of artificial flower heads, you can design your own backdrop from scratch.
flower wall
Bright pampas
Pampas is very popular at the moment. In addition to our beautiful natural range, we also have an extensive range of bright colored pampas in every color of the rainbow. Besides yellow, orange, blue and green we have a few different shades of red/pink/purple in stock. The different shades of red and pink are perfectly combinable.
Brand new dried flowers
You can’t open a home magazine or Instagram without getting around it: dried flowers are completely on-trend again. It’s no wonder dry flowers are gaining more fans every day: they fit perfectly in the current trend in which slow living and nostalgia are centralised.
Dried flowers
Flower wall
A flower wall is not something that only belongs at a music festival or wedding, how about your entrance, the meeting room or even your living room at home! A flower wall is a great way to add some atmosphere and colour.
Flower wall, Artificial flowers
Green wall
With a green wall you instantly create a cool botanical look for your company (or livingroom)! A green wall is a pretty and sustainable way to bring a little extra greenery into your company.
Green wall, Reindeermoss, Other Moss
Building model decoration
We have a wide range to create a lifelike miniature world. Our products are very suitable for building professional architectural models and hobby-scale building model. Our moss, dried flowers and branches are available in different colors, so you can create a varied and lifelike effect.
Scale models
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