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Triticum natural (wheat) 70cm

Triticum natural (wheat) 70cm

item number: 77500

5 or more: € 2,20
20 or more: € 1,85
  • Direct available from stock
  • Volume discount up to 35%

The mentioned price is the price per bunch. The second price you see is the price per bunch when you buy a bulk pack.

This product is also called triticum.

We offer our wheat per bundle as well as per mastercarton. The bundles of wheat are cut by machine on the fields. Then it is dried in special drying rooms with hot air. A bundle contains at least 90 stems. Wheat is perfectly suited for use as a bouquet or sheaf, but suitable as well to be an ingredient in a mixed bouquet. The wheat can also be used as a theme decoration in expositions for bakery or other products. Wheat is a grain that is best-known for being the main ingredient for making bread. The botanical name is Triticum. In our collection, we have wheat available in multiple colours. The natural colour of our wheat is green; the wheat is cut raw, just before the grains have developed. The spikes and the rest of the plant will turn bright yellow under the influence of sunlight after a couple of months. Our sunbleached wheat already has this colour, like the recognizable colours of the fields of ripe wheat.

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