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Dried Flowers Wholesale

As a wholesaler, Decofleur sells dried flowers and decoration materials to both larger and smaller companies. Our flowers are a wonderful alternative to fresh flowers, they are ideal to make compositions and  bouquets. Dried flowers also last longer and are a lot more durable than their fresh counterpart. Another advantage of dried flowers (and grasses!) is that, once arranged, you don't have to worry about it for a long time. As a wholesaler of dried flowers, we are happy to offer you attractive rates for larger orders. You will find our volume discounts here.

Dried flowers
All flowers are cut, dried and packed during summertime, to make sure we have year round stock available. The flowers and other crops are purchased directly from our various local suppliers. We have direct contact with all of our suppliers.
Thanks to our many years of experience we know at which point in their flowering process flowers can be dried. To preserve the natural appearance as much as possible, flowers are prepared for drying in our drying rooms only a few hours after they are cut. The flowers are bundled upside down to prevent breakage and dried for 24 hours.

Make your own dried flowers
Make your own dried flowers by hanging bunches of flowers or grasses upside down in a dark, preferably well-ventilated room. Some flower varieties are more suitable for drying than others, in general hard or firm flowers are best suited. Some examples of suitable flower types are: helichrysum, thistles, achilleas, statice, lavender and wheat and oats. Some softer flowers such as delphiniums and roses are also suitable for drying, or experiment with your own chosen flowers.

Maintaining dried flowers
Keep your dried flowers in a dry place out of the sun: in (exposed) sunlight flowers will fade faster. Try to touch the flowers as little as possible, because dried flowers can be damaged easily. If the dried flowers are a bit dusty, you can carefully clean them with a hair dryer: set the hair dryer to the coldest, lowest setting and carefully blow off the dust from a distance off the flowers.

If you are looking for a wholesaler for dried flowers, moss for making moss walls or other decorative materials, please visit for our wide range. On our Blog you can read tips, ideas or more information about certain products. Wholesale discount and shipping information can be found on this page.

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