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Bridal Decorations

Bridal Decoration

Looking for a unique and sustainable twist for your wedding? Then consider using dried flowers in your bridal decorations and bridal bouquets. Dried flowers are not only timeless and enchanting, but they also contribute to an eco-friendly approach to your special day. 

Dried Flowers: A Timeless Choice

At Decofleur we know better than anyone that a bridal bouquet is not just a bouquet of flowers. It is a symbol of love, elegance and personality. Our dried flowers have a wide range of colours and textures. Here you will find our bleached dried flowers and our pampas which can create a fairytale atmosphere. The result is a timeless bouquet that tells your love story and forms a lasting memory of your wedding day.


Sustainability in Bloom

In addition to the aesthetic benefits of dried flowers, they also contribute to a more sustainable world. Preserving flowers at their peak time through drying reduces waste and contributes to a greener environment. On your wedding day you can enjoy the beauty of dried flowers with peace of mind, knowing that you are contributing to a sustainable choice.

From Bouquet to Table decoration

Dried flowers offer a wide range of options for your bridal decoration. In addition to the bridal bouquet, dried flowers can be used in table decorations, corsages, hair accessories and even as a background for your wedding photos. The versatility of dried flowers makes it possible to provide your wedding with a consistent and enchanting theme that reflects your love for nature.


Get Inspired

Curious about the beautiful world of dried flowers and how they can take your wedding to a higher level? Take a look at our extensive range of dried flowers and be inspired by the possibilities. Our dedicated team is ready to help you create an unforgettable wedding with beautiful dried flower decorations and bridal bouquets.


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