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Green wall

Green wall, Reindeermoss, Other Moss
Green wall

With a green wall you instantly create a cool botanical look for your company (or livingroom)! A green wall is a pretty and sustainable way to bring a little extra greenery into your company. Just follow our simple step-by-step plan, and in no time you will have a pretty eyecatcher in your company too! If you’re planning to make a moss wall, calculate about 8 kilos of reindeer moss per m2 (depending on the desired density). The easiest way to apply the moss to the wall is to place the surface on the floor and stick or staple the moss onto it.

The step-by-step plan for a moss wall made of reindeer moss

  • Place the desired surface horizontal and apply a layer of glue.
  • Tear or cut the moss to the desired thickness.
  • Apply the pieces of moss from one corner to another and continue working from here until the entire surface is covered with moss.
  • Finally put a heavy weight on the pasted surface to press the moss down and let it dry overnight.
  • Once the glue has dried, you can place the surface (or surfaces) vertically.

Tip! We recommend carpet glue or wood glue, both types of glue can be used in combination with moss. You can also choose to staple the moss to the surface if you prefer not to use glue.

In our assortment you will find all kinds of different colours of reindeer moss: reindeer moss, but of course you can also choose other types of moss.

Botanical moss wall
Is just moss to plain for you? Add some beautifully preserved leaves to your moss wall for a pretty botanical look! Bring some nice accents to your wall with leather fern, ribbon fern or adianthum, which you can find in our
webshop. Preserved foliage has received a special treatment to make the leaves feel supple and fresh. You can also add accents to your wall with our artificial plants, how about this sturdy philondendron or this tropical palm foliage. Or make a cool mix of moss, preserved and artificial foliage!


Have you got inspired by our step-by-step plan and created a beautiful green wall? Please send us a picture of your creation. We love to see what our customers create with our products. Need a little extra boost, take a look at our gallery with pictures of walls from our customers on our
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