Dried Flowers


What are dried flowers?

The term “dried flowers” stands for actually more than just flowers that are dried. It has become an umbrella for all dried decorations. Not just flowers, but also grasses, pods or sometimes even branches. A more suitable name would be dried decorations.
Dried flowers are ideal to use in compositions and dried bouquets. Not only because most items are easy to cut or colour, but also because you will enjoy them much longer then fresh flowers.

Buying dried flowers

Decofleur is a wholesaler of dried flowers. You will find a large collection of decorations. All items are available from stock. The flowers and other plants are dried and packed in summer, to ensure a yearround availability.

Natural decorations

Decofleur has specialised in decorations that find their origin in nature. These natural decoration materials can be used as individual decorations or combined with other items. Our products can be put in a vase, loose on a scale or processed in bouquets, compositions or wreaths. Our items are also used in trade fair stands and even in vivariums for reptiles.

Dried decorations

All our natural decorations are either dry or dried. Some products like pine cones do not need any treatment. Our dried fruits are dried in hot air. Because of their natural appearance, our products are perfect for combining with fresh flowers or plants, but also with artificial flowers. We are a wholesaler in decoration; we sell to companies only. Besides dried decorations, we also sell items that are close related, like silk flowers and zinc pottery.

Dried Lavender

Dried lavender is one of the classics on the list of dried flowers. Lavendel dries very nice, it keeps its original form when it has been dried. It also keeps its deep blue colour and its firmness. Besides this, there is of course the unmistakable scent. Once dried, lavender keeps its scent for months. It is one the most frequent used ingredients for potpourri. Lavender is also nice to use in bouquets and wreaths, it gives a very authentic look. But also unprocessed, a bunch of lavender is a very recognizable and timeless decoration.

How to make dried flowers

You can make traditional dried flowers yourself, by hanging flowers or grasses upside down in a dark, well ventilated place. Some flowers are more suitable than others. Generally, softer flowers are less suitable for drying. Some examples of flowers that do very well are: helichrysum, yarrow, statice, lavender and grains like wheat and oats. But also some softer flowers like larkspur and some varieties of roses are very suitable for drying.
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