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Questions & Answers

  • Howmany kilos moss do you need for 1 square meter?

    Cushion moss, Sheet moss and Reindeer moss is very suitable to use for moss walls. For each different type of moss a different amount applies:

    How many moss per square meter
    Reindeer moss:   8 à 9 kilos per m2
    Cushion moss:    5 crates per m2
    Sheet moss:        2 kilos per m2

  • Is the moss alive?

    The moss has dried completely and is therefore no longer alive. After the drying process, the moss is completely immersed in a special solution with (green) dye. This mixture ensures that the moss regains its flexibility, so it feels "fresh".

  • Do you need to maintain the moss?
    The treated moss is odorless and maintenance free.
  • What kind of glue do I need to use?
    You can use hobby or carpet glue as glue.
  • What kind of frame board do I need?
    You can glue the moss on any surface on which wood glue and carpet glue adhere. gebruikt cookies om de website te verbeteren en te analyseren, voor social media en om ervoor te zorgen dat je relevante advertenties te zien krijgt. Als je meer wilt weten over deze cookies, klik dan hier voor ons cookie beleid. Bij akkoord geef je toestemming voor het gebruik van cookies op onze website.
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